Alice Kunek

Australian Opals Basketball

"I have been working with Fraser for over and year and a half now and I can't even describe the change I have seen in my everyday life, as well as my basketball. I am much calmer in all aspects of my life. I am able to think through situations clearer and with ease. I now call Fraser one of my great friends, he is caring, listens well and has practical advice to help in all situations. I am beyond grateful to have worked with Fraser, and can’t recommend him enough!"




Anna Shedrina

Clay Target Shooting

"I had a really good competition. Thank you for your help in getting me there. I not only took out the Ladies title, I set a new Australian record for women in our discipline of shooting, which was 11 targets better than the last record. Our last session hit the nail on the head and before and during the comp the suggestions were really embedded into my brain. When it came to me starting to prepare for my shot, I'd focus on my routine, close the gun and push all of those thoughts aside to nail the target. I did well, but I think I can do even better next time".

Jarrod Hudson


"I can't say enough about Mesh in these few lines, I think most endurance athletes forget one of the most important parts of training and that is MENTAL training, for a few years I just couldn't go deep into the well in the back end of the ironman marathon, so I decided to see Fraser and get some hypnosis (no I didn't cluck like a chicken) but was sent away with a few positive thoughts for when the going got tough (think of blue and running form). Deep into the Melbourne Ironman marathon (34km mark) I called on the work I did with Fraser and you guess it pass 4 guys in my age group in the last 5km and BOOM Kona spot. We as ironman triathletes do all this physical training and neglected the psychological training because we don't think it is important, when the body is saying NO and the mind is saying YES the mind will always win. Thanks again Fraser bring on Kona 15."


Brenda Hutchinson


"I cannot recommend MESH and Fraser highly enough. Fraser was one of my weapons for when I competed in the Melbourne Ironman. He helped me both overcome a fear of the swimming leg, as well as general relaxation techniques that I implemented across the day. Use these services if you want the edge."






Kris T


All I can say is thank you Dr Fraser Carson for your help on keeping my mind sharp focused and positive going into my contest it's was a pleasure and a real help

Tara A


Tara A, marathon runner

"I love running, but during long runs and training, I would often find myself wondering why on earth was I doing this, and why did it feel so hard for me... It was a mental challenge to push through the kms to achieve my sought out goals. Fraser at MESH sorted out my headspace and gave me the tools to not only achieve my goals, but enjoy myself whilst doing it. I enjoyed and was even proud of my ability to work through the physical and mental challenges I faced at this year’s marathon, and smashed out a PB."


Andrew C


Andrew C, cricketer

"I’ve had a breakthrough year. All reports from others are that I am moving forward at a rapid rate. All in all thanks to the work I did with MESH. I was scoring lots of runs and had lots of confidence in my performance."


Victoria G


Victoria G, marathon runner

"While training for the Melbourne Marathon this year, I wanted to get my mental preparation in line with my physical training program. A big part of this was getting the right nutrition and mindset to achieve my performance. With Fraser’s help I successfully managed to complete my marathon in my goal time.

Fraser is highly experienced and incredibly patient and will take care to cater your session to your needs. I would strongly recommend MESH as a supplement to an endurance program."


Mel P


"MESH gave me the confidence to complete the 5km course. The swim felt really awesome! I still had a lot of energy at the end too; could have swum another km I reckon."


Erica K

Health and lifestyle

"My experience with MESH was really enjoyable and very relaxing. I felt very comfortable with Fraser and the surroundings were pleasant and safe. Fraser immediately made me feel at ease and explained in detail the process of the session so I knew what to expect. By the end of it I felt like I had been taken on a beautiful journey and the words he spoke really resonated with me. My sessions following this were consistently positive and effective. The results have been interesting and I am very pleased with what I achieved with Fraser’s support. I would highly recommend Fraser’s services to those looking for that extra edge in their performance and for anyone who needs a bit of help in improving their health and lifestyle choices."

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