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Whether you run, bike, swim, paddle, triathlon, compete or just compete against yourself, hypnosis may be the secret weapon that gets you to the next level in your performance by building confidence, removing fears or anxieties and smashing your limiting beliefs. We offer face-to-face hypnosis sessions as well as audio packages for you to download. 

Why choose sport hypnosis over traditional sport psychology?

From our experience working with a wide range of professional athletes and sports organizations, we have found that sport hypnosis provides quicker and better results than more conventional relaxation and visualisation techniques. Why would you want to wait months to get a result, when you can obtain superior outcomes in days?

At MESH we have a proven track record of helping endurance athletes perform at their best.

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Read about Rob's experience

TMSM March 2015 Editor of Triathlon and Multisport Magazine Rob Hay discusses his experience of hypnosis with MESH in the March 2015 edition of the magazine. 3.26 MB
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